China plastics show plastics exhibition 国际橡塑展 國際橡塑展 中国橡塑展 中國橡塑展 2010國際橡塑展 2010国际橡塑展
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Grand Opening
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The 24th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries
Date: 19-22 April 2010

Opening Hours
19-21. 4. 2010 ( 09:30 - 17:30 )
22. 4. 2010 ( 09:30 - 15:00 )

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong, Shanghai, PR China
Number of Visitors
19/4: 25,030
- Number of Overseas Visitors: 5,206 (20.8%)

20/4: 27,878
- Number of Overseas Visitors: 5,659 (20.3%)

21/4: 20,801
- Number of Overseas Visitors: 2,600 (12.5%)

22/4: 7,726
- Number of Overseas Visitors: 1,236 (16%)

Total Number of Visitors: 81,435
- Number of Overseas Visitors: 14,701 (18.1%)
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12/05/2010 CHINAPLAS 2011 Returns to Guangzhou
Space Booking Opens Now

Riding on the success of CHINAPLAS 2010 in Shanghai, CHINAPLAS 2011 will be held again in China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China, the largest exhibition fairground among Asia...Details
12/05/2010 No fear of the Natural Disaster Endless Flow of Overseas Delegation
12/05/2010 Business Matching Activity Creates Infinitive Business Opportunity
12/05/2010 Broad Range of Exhibits that Fulfill Different Industries' Demand
Unlimited Buyers' Compliments Acquired
13/04/2010 Countdown For CHINAPLAS 2010 (19-22 April)
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14/11/2012 Nissei debuts new all electric NEX-IIIT-EN injection machines at Dongguan exhibition
14/11/2012 Modular spiral staircase made of engineering plastics for indoor and outdoor applications
14/11/2012 SABIC and Shell plan to expand partnership beyond Saudi Arabia
13/11/2012 RTP thermally conductive compounds make imagination into reality
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Mr. Liao Zheng Pin
President, China Plastics Processing Industry Association

From January to April 2009, based on NBSC (National Bureau of Statistics of China) statistics, China’s plastics industry maintained steady growth in output and output value but witnessed some decline in exports. Buoyed by dramatic domestic demand for plastic packaging, plastic construction materials, daily chemical and engineering plastics as well as for plastics with environment-friendly and energy-saving features, and extensive application of plastic products, China’s plastics industry is expected to show signs of a noticeable pickup to steadily step out of the current economic trough.... More
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05/2010 Eruption of Activities  1  2  3
  Source: Plastics And Rubber Industry
05/2010 "Chinaplas 2010" 세계 3대 박람회 자리매김
  Source: Plastics Korea
05/2010 fue un éxito rotundo fue un éxito rotundo con más de 80.000 visitantes
  Source: Emma Fiorentino informa
05/2010 Greate success of CHINAPLAS 2010 with over 80,000 visitors
  Source: Chemical Industry Digest
07/05/2010 "Chinaplas 2010": Neue Teilnahme-Rekorde
  Source: Kunststoff Information
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Organizer of CHINAPLAS 2010 would like to express gratitude to the Chinese trade associations and organizations for their great support on visitor promotion and organization of buyer groups.

Plastics / Rubber / Chemicals
- China Plastics Processing Industry Association
- China Plastic Machine Industry Association
- China Rubber Industry Association
- China United Rubber Corporation
- China Plastics Processing Industry Association Plastics Additives Special Committee
- CPPIA BOPXTECH Association
- China Xinjiang Plastic Association
- Shanghai Society of Plastics Industry
- Shanghai Rubber Industry Trade Association
- Anhui Province Plastics Association
- Fujian Plastics Industry Association
- Guangdong Plastics Industry Association
- GDPIA Plastics Injection Moulding Association
- Jiangsu Plastics Processing Industry Association
- Jiangxi Plastics Industry Association
- Shandong Plastics Industry Association
- Zhejiang Plastics Industry Association
- Zhejiang Rubber Industry Trade Association
- Hunan Plastic Industry Association
- Shanxi Plastics Industry Association
- Yunnan Plastics Industry Association
- Dongguan Association of Plastics
- Guangzhou Rubber Industry Association
- Ningbo Society of Plastics Industry
- Shantou Plastic of Commerce
- Shenzhen Plastics & Rubber Association
- Suzhou Plastics and Chemical Industry Association
- Wenzhoui Society of Plastics Industry
- Taizhou Huangyan Plastic Commodity Chamber Commerce
- Wenzhou Rubber COFC

Electronics and Electrical Appliances
- China Electronic Chamber of Commerce
- China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association
- China Electronics Materials Industry Association
- Guangdong Electronic Chamber of Commerce
- Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Profession Associations
- Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Manufacturers' Association
- Shanghai Household Electric Appliance Profession Association
- Shanghai Illumination Electric Appliance Trade Association
- Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce
- Shunde Home Appliance Chamber of Commerce
- Suzhou Electrical Equipment Industry Association
- Yueqing Electronics Association

- Zhejiang Auto & Motorcycle Parts Chamber of Commerce
- Shanghai Automotive Trade Association
- Autoparts Industry Association of Ningbo
- Danyang Automobile Parts Association
- Guangzhou Bai Yun Auto Things & Fitting Industry Association of China
- Shenzhen Association of Automobile Manufacturers
- Ningbo Yinzhou Auto Parts International Chamber Of Commerce

Packaging / Food and Beverage / Daily Chemicals
- Aluminized Film Professional Committee of CPPIA
- Bi-oriented Polypropylene Film Professional Committee of CPPIA
- Blown Film Processing Technology Professional Committee Preparation Group of CPPIA
- Cast Film Professional Committee of CPPIA
- China Association of Manufacturers of Polyester Film
- Hollow Container Professional Committee of CPPIA
- Plastics Woven Product Professional Committee of CPPIA
- Plastics Product Committee of China Packaging Federation
- Guangdong Province Packs The Industry Chamber of Commerce
- Dongguan Food Association
- Shangyu New Type Packaging Association
- Hebei Xiong County Plastic & Paper Packing and Printing Association

- China Building Energy Saving Technic Association
- China Building Energy Efficiency Association
- China Construction Metal Structure Association Plastic Windoor Committee
- Equipment and Material Working Committee of China Urban Water Association
- Chemical Building Materials Association of Zhejiang
- Jiangsu Building Energy Efficiency Association
- Shanghai Chemical Building Material Trade Association
- Shanghai Interior Deco Industry Association
- Tianjin Building Materials Industry Association
- Shenzhen Building Materials Industry Association

- Guangdong Toys Association
- Jiangsu Toys Association
- Shanghai Toys Association
- Shenzhen Toys Industry Association
- Pinghu City Bassinet Industry Association

Medical Equipment
- China Association For Medical Devices Industry
- Medical Plastic Professional Committee of China Plastic Processing Industrial Association Council
- Anhui Association For Medical Devices Industry
- Chongqing Association For Medical Instrument Industry
- Guangxi Association For Medical Instrument Industry
- Jiangsu Association For medical Device Industry
- Jiaxing Association For Medical Instrument Industry
- Ningbo Association For Medical Device Industry

Die and Mould
- Cixi Mould Industry Association
- Huangyan Die & Mould Trade Association
- Jiaxing Mold and Die Industry Association
- Wenzhou Mold and Die Industry Association
- Wuxi Mold and Die Industry Association

- Printing & Packaging Industry Association of Zhongshan
- Shenzhen Printing Technology Association

- Agricultural Film Professional Committee of China Plastic Processing Industrial Association Council
- Shanghai Bicycle Association
- Shanghai Tool Line Association
- Association of Zhenjiang Transmission And Distribution Equipment

Industrial and commercial organizations
- Shanghai Federation of Economic Organization

Above is listed in random order. Information updated as of Feb 5, 2010

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