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Circular Economy: Reinventing the Green Solutions
Publish Date: 2019/10/28
Recycling has been the key to conquer emerging markets in plastics and rubbery industry recently. As the industry shifts, market players are moving towards a “from waste to resources” approach by exploring more business opportunities under circular economy. From a resources-efficiency perspective, this new dimension is going to be a profitable business.

Leading consultancy McKinsey in its recent report projects the volume of plastics going to recycling could increase fivefold by 2030 to 200 million metric tons per year and this improvement could represent a profit pool of nearly $55 billion a year worldwide by 2030, if the industry sectors has their waste-management chain strengthen and has boosted its technological advancement.

The consultant sees a potential for chemical companies to transform two areas: 1) polymers produced from mechanical recycling and 2) entire field of pyrolysis and chemical recycling. Solvay, an advanced materials manufacturer, has entered into a partnership with the Ellen MacArthur foundation for accelerating their traditional linear business model to a circular model. TOMRA, a top sorting & recycling machinery supplier, foresees a promising market trend of post-consumer plastics (e.g. Polyolefins and Styrenes) recycling. Another chemicals giant, Borouge, advocates the significant trend of adopting the plastics circular economy as an innovative driving force to ensure plastics sustainability. Top market players are working on technology enhancements which will ultimately contribute to the circular economy.

CHINAPLAS 2020 reinforces its presence in the circular economy and we are now inviting all green pioneers around the world to join us for constructing a global blueprint on plastics recycling together.

Circular Economy Conference, concurrent event of CHINAPLAS 2020, will be held on 20 April. In its 2019 edition, representatives of UNEP Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific, EUROPMAP, SABIC, Kingfa, Ellen Macarthur Foundation and other experts presented 30 reports and attracted 450+ attendees from 263 countries.

CHINAPLAS 2020 will be a hub of recycling businesses. In Recycling Technology Zone and Recycled Plastics Zone, visitors will be happy to find live machine demonstration and to-the-point industry solutions.

An online promotion channel “1-min Tech Show – Green Solutions” serves your interests best by broadcasting your products and services to potential customers, also sharpen your brand identity up precisely.

You cannot afford to miss this innovations feast! Found more on CHINAPLAS 2020 booth application here

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