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General Information

Press Registration

There will be no pre-show press registration. Media staff who meet the below "Press Credentials" can collect a press badge and press kit for free admission at the onsite "Press Registration Counters" directly.

Press Credentials

We welcome media friends to join us at CHINAPLAS. To make it easier for the media to access information about CHINAPLAS, press badges are issued to media staff with qualifying credentials. If you do not meet these criteria and wish to attend the event, you will be admitted as a professional visitor.

Media staff may receive the press credentials

-By presenting business cards in which they are named as editors, authors, journalists, reporters, photographers and other press related roles or
-By presenting a valid work pass from journalists' association or
-By presenting written editorial work, showing the coverage of plastics industry from the last 3 months.

Other professionals (including advertising, marketing, sales or business development etc.) must register as a visitor.

Press FAQs

1. Q: Where can I conduct press registration?
A: Media pre-show registration is not necessary. Simply bring two business cards to collect the press badge and press kit at our "Press Registration Counters" for free admission (for publishers, reporters, editors and other editorial staff only). There will be four "Press Registration Counters". Please click here for the location map (next to Visitor Registration Counter). The locations are:
Zone A
1.     Press Registration Counter – next to Visitor registration 1 (VR1), near Xingang Dong Metro Station
2.     Press Registration Counter – next to Visitor registration 3 (VR3), in North Square
3.     Press Registration Counter – next to Visitor registration 6 (VR6), outside hall 5.1
Zone B
4.     Press Registration Counter – next to Visitor registration 9 (VR9), near Pazhou Metro Station
VR 3 and VR6 are suggested to use if you wish to visit Press Centre.

2. Q: Where can I work at CHINAPLAS?
A: Press Centre is a comfortable place for media to work and relax. It is located at Zone A Pearl Promenade Area, opposite to Hall 4.1 (Please click here for the location map) and exclusively for the use of media only. Press Centre offers the following:
• Computers & Wi-Fi internet access
• Interview Room
• Exhibitor Press Release (Media use only)
• Printer & Copier (black & white)
• Souvenir redemption (Bag sponsored by exhibitor NatureWorks)
• Refreshments etc.

3. Q: Where can I get free magazines?
A: There will be two Free Magazine Counters, located at Zone A Pearl Promenade Area opposite Hall 3.1 and Zone B Pearl Promenade Area Opposite to Hall 9.2 respectively. Please click here to for the location map of Free Magazine counters.

4. Q: When and where is the Media Day?
A: Media Day will be held on May 20, 2019, at the Westin Guangzhou Hotel (No.6 Linhe Zhong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510610, PR China, NOT the one next to fairground and it takes about 20 minutes by taxi). The event is exclusively for invited media only. Please contact Ms. Stella Yuen/Mandy Ching for information and registration.

5. Q: Any concurrent/ special events will be held?
A: CHINAPLAS offers a series of events for visitors to broaden their horizon with plastics and rubber industries. You are welcome to attend and cover the below events. Please click the below links for detail of the events:
• Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference And Showcase
• Design x Innovation
• Medical Plastics Connect
• Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future
• Tech Talk

6. Q: If I would not attend the show, where can I subscribe for show information?
A: Media can visit the Show Press Release page and subscribe our eNewsletter [Click Here] to stay connected with us.

7. Q: Who shall I contact if I have any questions about media?
A: Please contact us at / for all media inquiries.

8. Q: Where can I find information on CHINAPLAS past editions?
A: Please click here for the information on past edition of CHINAPLAS past editions.

Useful Information

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Media enquiries

The organizer reserves the right to issue press badges. Shall you have any press enquiries, please contact Ms Stella Yuen at / or Ms Mandy Ching at