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Let's listen to CHINAPLAS visitors' voices!
Publish Date: 2019/09/04
We do value visitors' voices as our important assets to know more about their needs and to make further improvements on our show in order to achieve win-win strategic success. In CHINAPLAS 2019, we had collected visitors΄ voices from five application industries: Automotive, Packaging, Electrical and Electronics / IT & Telecom, Medical, and Building. After understanding the challenges that each industry is facing, we will step forward to make changes, shaping CHINAPLAS 2020 into a better platform for visitors to find their solutions. Let΄s listen to our visitors΄ voices together!

Click the following link to find out visitors΄ voices now!
CHINAPLAS x Auto - What Our Visitors Say?
CHINAPLAS x E&E - What Our Visitors Say?
CHINAPLAS x Packaging - What Our Visitors Say?
CHINAPLAS x Building/Recycling - What Our Visitors Say?
CHINAPLAS x Medical - What Our Visitors Say?