In recent years, the ecological environment continues to deteriorate; especially the marine garbage has affected the living conditions of marine organisms, and threatened the living conditions of human beings.
At the same time, we also found that the proportion of plastics in marine trash is the highest, making up more than 70 percent of all marine trash.
In fact, we could not live without plastics. Plastics itself is a very useful and environmental- friendly material. The problem lies in the human being's recycling management mode of plastic wastes, only if human being could realize the closed-loop mode for plastic waste recycling, the ocean and the earth could be protected.

As the world's second and Asia's No. 1 professional exhibition, CHINAPLAS always advocate sustainable development of plastics, and promote the improvement of plastic recycling and circular economy with its influence in the plastics industry.

This time, CHINAPLAS will have collaboration with the artist Alex Long and Precious Plastic Shanghai (PPSH), a global community dedicated to plastic pollution solutions, to present an installation art made from post-consumer plastic bottles.

(Prototype of the WAVE)

This entire art installation is made of plastic bottles waste recycled from more than 4,000 ordinary households. After careful transformation by the artist and production teams, these plastic bottles finally converge into the shape of a huge wave in the form of molecular structure. Waves illustrate the propagation of energy. Sound, light, water, electricity, gravity, and even consciousness are all affecting the world in the form of waves. In this artwork, the "wave" symbolizes the powerful energy that plastics materials transmit to the world.

However, whether this energy will continue to promote the prosperity and development of human civilization or cause huge negative pressure on the ecological environment depends entirely on our current vision and behavior. It is like when the viewer changes the angle to watch the installation, the shape of the "wave" is transformed into the symbol of "infinite loop". Metaphorically this not only implies the endless possibilities of a circular economy, but also indicates a more sustainable future trend for the entire plastics industry.

After the exhibition ends, the entire installation will become part of the artist's subsequent works, in order to spread the concept of sustainability to a larger public audience in public spaces

Birth of the WAVE

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