【Green】Jiangsu GET new Sharf Shredder

【Intelligent Tech】SACMI - Smart PACK

【Film Tech】Xinle Huabao - Very-High-Speed Cast Film Machinery

【Green】Erema - Recycling System from Austria

【New Materials】SABIC-Green & STAR Product

【InnoMaterials】New Materials in Green Packaging

【Mold&Die】STIEHL - High precision mould base & plate manufacturer

【Green】Jiangsu GET Plastics Recycling Technology for Better Future

PET bottle to bottle recycling pelletizing system

Microban®: Redefining Plastics with Protection That Lives On

Beckhoff XPlanar:Planar motor system

TECH-LONG integration unit of blowing-labeling-filling-capping

Cup and tube decoration machines

The combination of nano-scale feed block plus multi-manifold co-extrusion die

HP Indigo digital printing technology creates new value for flexible packaging

2K Cube Mould

PE PP Film bag recycling pelletizing line

Empowering Industry 4.0: LK intelligence solution

People’s Great Choice – Energy-Saving Blowing Machine From KEENPRO

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