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 The Conference Framework

 Main Forum

  • The presentations will cover the global trends and policies of plastics recycling, particularly that of China and Asia. The speakers will include senior government officials and leading industry organizations, brands, materials and machinery suppliers from around the world, focusing on the international trends and policy guidance of plastics recycling, recycling classification from experienced countries and regions, innovative achievements of recycling and utilization, etc., clearly outline the pattern and prospects of the plastics recycling industry in Asia and even the world.

 There will be seminars of specific subjects for industry elites to exchange ideas. Preliminary Topics:

Carbon Neutrality
PCR/PIR Materials
Recycled Ocean Plastic
Circular Design
Chemical Recycling
Plastic Recycling Innovations
New Technologies for Recycled Materials

 Global enterprises in the plastic recycling and recovery field will showcase their latest solutions, ranging from materials and processing techniques, to automation and special equipment. Specialists of the highlighted products and technologies will be present to interact with the participants.

Audience Search

+86 755 2354 7188 (Ms. Joyce Ye)