““CHINAPLAS 2022国际橡塑展”是全球领先的国际塑料橡胶展,展会由雅式展览服务有限公司主办,并获得多个海内外专业协会大力支持。 第三十五届中国国际塑料橡胶工业展览会(CHINAPLAS 2022国际橡塑展) 将于2022 年4月13-16日在中国‧中国·国家会展中心(上海)举行。展会面积300,000平方米,展会汇集来自40个国家及地区约4,000家中外展商参展,连同10个国家及地区的展团,携手展示超过3,800台顶尖创新的塑料机械设备,包括挤出机、注塑机、塑料包装及吹塑设备、模具及加工设备、测量及试验设备、薄膜技术、综合自动化设备,及预加工,回收利用机械及设备;及最新的橡塑化工原料,涵盖添加剂、生物塑料、3D打印材料、色母粒、复合及特种材料、半制成品、热塑性塑料及橡胶,为汽车、建筑、电子信息及电器、包装、医疗及照明电器等行业提供最新的解决方案。预计将吸引来自150个国家及地区160,000名中外专业买家亲临现场参观采购,预计海外观众占25%。 “CHINAPLAS 2022国际橡塑展”将以智能制造、高新材料、环保及可循环解决方案为推介重点,屇时将有综合自动化设备、复合材料、3D打印技术及回收再生科技等亮相,并带来最紧贴行业脉搏的同期活动,使企业规模升级转型,提高竞争力。 展会云集4,000多家中外顶尖企业参展: 包括化工原材料供应商,如杜邦、巴斯夫、陶氏、三菱化学、金发、科思创、LG等;塑料机械设备供应商,包括挤出机、注塑机,塑料包装机械; 如海天、博创、恩格尔、金纬、大连户谷、雅琪、巴顿菲尔辛辛那提、骁马、埃维恩、伊之密、赫斯基、诺信、索尔维、科倍隆等;模具供应商,如柳道、依迪埃等;复合及特种材料展商: 光进, 泰山玻璃, 巨石, 重庆国际;自动化科技: 德马格、伊斯拉、ABB、图钽、BMSVISION、索能、技茂、坚毅、美好创亿、光宝、研华宝元、中达电通、高瞻;薄膜技术: 马奇、广东金明、汉王等。 登入www.ChinaplasOnline.com/prereg预先登记成为展会观众,可享优惠入场。

大会邀请信 (只提供英文版)

All foreign visitors to PR China must apply for a visa and comply with the health requirement on entering into China. Please ensure that all your colleagues and accompanies have already obtained the relevant visa prior to departure.
We assist our visitors in applying for a visa by issuing our company's invitation letter, and visitors may apply this letter by filling in below application form. Click here to see the sample letter.

Application deadline: : April 8, 2022, 23:59:59 (GMT+8:00)
Enquiry Email: Chinaplas.PR@adsale.com.hk

Please note:
  • It is not guaranteed that the invitation letter issued by our company can assist your application of visa successfully, kindly check with the Chinese embassies or consulates-general in your home country for detailed instructions.
  • According to personal data privacy: ID copy of signer will not be provided.
  • Passports must be valid for at least SIX MONTHS beyond the intended date of entry into China.
  • The application fee for the invitation letter issued by our company is USD 10 per person, and it is non-refundable.
  • All the information cannot be amended after the application form is submitted.

For any request of sending the original copy by courier, a courier fee of USD35 will be imposed and charged in advance.
(*The charge is subject to change depending on the countries.)

Please fill out all the data fields before submission.

Preview form information:
Please review your information before proceeding, it is not allowed to revise or cancel the information after submission. You should settle the payment immediately to complete application for invitation letter.
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