"CPS+ e-Marketplace New Joiners Reward Scheme" (known as “the Campaign” below) is open for overseas buyers who have completed and submitted the "My Purchasing Needs" Form online for the first time.


The campaign is not applicable to buyers from Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong.


The first 150 participants who submit eligible purchasing needs will receive a USD20 Amazon gift card (known as “the Gift” below). Each eligible participant will receive a notification email in 7 working days after the end of the Campaign. The link for Gift redemption will be sent out with another email after the winner replied to the notification email. We cannot control how third parties use information.


Definition of “Eligible Participant”:
i. their working units have purchasing needs of plastics & rubber raw materials & related machines; AND
ii. they are plastics & rubber products manufacturers or end user products manufacturers which include but not limited to the industries of automotive, packaging, electronics, building materials, medical supplies, etc.; OR
iii. they are agents, trading companies or distributors.


Definition of “Eligible Participant”:
i. looking for products
ii. products inquiry
ii. asking for quotations
iv. purchasing products
v. requesting for products catalogues
vi. requesting for samples

Any submission with clear and concise description of purchasing needs will be highly prioritized.


The purchasing needs submitted by the participants must be concrete and valid. Any false purchasing needs, advertisements, sales promotion, finding partners, requests for pre-show contact / appointment scheduling or other general inquiries, etc., will not be accepted. The Organizer reserves the right of disqualifying any application.


Only the first submission of the "My purchasing needs" form of each participant will be deemed eligible to participate in the Campaign.
8. Participants are allowed to submit more than one "My purchasing needs" form. The organizer will provide the matching service for each valid form.


The organizer reserves the right to revoke the winner's eligibility for the Gift if the winner provides incomplete or false personal information.
10. The Gifts shall be void if the winner cannot confirm his / her identify or claim the Gifts within a specific period.
11. All Gifts are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash.
12. The organizer is not the service provider of the Gifts. Any inquiry or complaint in relation to the products, services, and warranty of the Gifts should be directed to the relevant service providers. The organizer has no responsibility in relation to the quality of the products and services of the Gifts provided, and shall not handle any complaints arising therein.
13. The organizer reserves the right to publicize the winner list and other relevant information for marketing purpose.
14. The organizer reserves the rights to modify the terms and conditions, and change or terminate the Campaign without prior notice. In case of dispute over the program, the decisions of the organizer shall be final and binding.

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