Sourcing & Business Matching Services
Personalized Sourcing Services
A professional team provides buyers with sourcing guidance and supplier recommendations. You just need to submit Sourcing Request Form and then our staff give personalized follow up services in swift.
Business e-Match
Business e-Match facilitates the matching between overseas buyers and suppliers by invitation. With precise screening, the chance of successful matching for both parties will be further enhanced. During the virtual show, we are going to organize 70 sessions of Business e-Matches.
Hot Tech Webinars session
What Our Friends Say
EUROMAP, VDMA, Logitech, SAIC Volkswagen, Tuoren Group, Xiamen Changsu and other friends around the world jointly invited you all to explore innovative plastics and rubber technology!

The virtual show shall showcase innovative solutions of high-quality products, machineries and materials from more than 4,000 enterprises, and bring you different kinds of online activities and ample technical information to address industry needs, which help further facilitate exchanges and cooperation in the industry.

Wang Zhanjie

President of CPPIA
China Plastic Processing Industry Association

Fortunately, we are in the connected world of the 21st century. When physical shows have to be put on hold, it could be an innovative idea for us to experience virtual shows.

Su Dongping

Executive Deputy President of CPMIA
China Plastics Machinery Industry Association
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