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Publish Date: 2022/06/24
“CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022: Innovative Plastics & Rubber Technology Connects the World” has finally come to an end on 14 June, 2022 with a total of 218,995 visitors worldwide.

“CHINAPLAS is the first among the world-class plastics and rubber exhibitions to organize a virtual show. Being the world's leading plastics and rubber exchange platform, we are dedicated to promoting business and technical exchange of plastics and rubber industries in time of adversity, connecting upstream and downstream enterprises to cope with the impact of the pandemic, as well as grasping the golden period of business cooperation in the 2nd quarter of the year,” said Ms. Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., organizer of CHINAPLAS.

Where top technologies gathered
COVID-19 development and travel restriction didn’t stop the industry from connecting global users and gathering 4,000+ high-quality plastics and rubber suppliers from all over the world online, helping upgrade their “EXP Level” in 3 weeks’ time.

CHINAPLAS has acted swiftly to organize their first innovative Virtual Show by showcasing the technological breakthrough via videos, images and text, users can access to 5,000+ solutions and product information without geographical boundaries and restriction from busy schedules. By sparing no effort to plan and deliver the Virtual Show and a bundle of innovative services, the relationship between suppliers and buyers will be undoubtedly strengthened in the post-pandemic era.

Connected seamlessly in CPS+ eMarketplace
The features of keywords search tool, posting sourcing request, and Live Chat function of “CPS+ eMarketplace” can further enhance the overall sourcing experience with seamless connection and direct communication. The traffic of the platform has increased by 300%, comparing with that of a month before. During the Virtual Show, over 30% of the visitors are from overseas, and the top 20 overseas countries are from Pakistan, India, the United States, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Italy, the United Kingdom, Egypt, etc., which indicated the high demand from potential buyers around the world.

Suppliers met their potential buyers online via 40+ sessions of Business e-Match
To usher the business cooperation, over 40 sessions of Business e-Match with overseas buyers and suppliers were organized. All suppliers are willing to attend Business e-Match again. The high-quality services with smooth implementation of liaison and professional interpretation service in the Business e-Match facilitated them to expand their business network. A Vietnamese buyer has shared some more sourcing requests with the organizer for further business matching immediately after joining event. In addition, one of the buyers from Indonesia has expressed his keen interest in the new plastic recycling technology, which can greatly enhance productivity, just presented by the supplier, and would like to meet some more suppliers for consideration. It can be seen that buyers were well-satisfied with the Business e-Match arranged by the organizer.

Brand owners and senior experts share insights
During the Virtual Show, 40+ brand owners and senior experts from different industries have addressed hottest trends and share their professional views with over 30K participants online at webinars and Factory iVisit, from dual-carbon economy and recycling to industrial design innovation and automotive intellectualization.
Circular economy has a strong impact on the global plastics and rubber industries. It is not only a hot topic in all circles, but also a huge new market of 100 billion level. At the “Low-carbon Commitment: Plastics Recycling, Mono-material and Circular Economy eForum”, Dr. Karlheinz Hausmann, Board Director, CEFLEX mentioned “Good DESIGN is the foundation on which the circular economy is built. Circular Economy is possible if flexible packages are rendered ‘recyclable’ by Design-for-recycling (D4R).”

Digital analyzing tool helps enterprises implement development directions, allocate resources, and go towards digitalization. Mr. Leo Zhang, Sales Manager Digital Solutions, Engel Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. shared at the Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future eForum "We are experiencing a new industrial revolution. For injection industry, it will be a transformation revolution from digitalization to smart manufacturing, and manufacturer is facing the challenges of continuous increasing demand on energy saving, environmental protection, product’s complexity and machinery efficiency maximization. Smart assistant systems could satisfy the pursuit of economies of scale and expansion of capabilities, and fulfill the requirements on product’s complexity, stability and consistency."

Product design is an indispensable part of building a successful brand. Mr. Daisuke Ishii, Head of Creative Center from Sony Group Corporation who is also a guest speaker of the webinar DxI: Design eForum mentioned “I think one of the roles of designers is to use visual tools to visualize some concepts, such as some technologies that we can't see yet, or some new products that have not been realized before.”

In the last week of the Virtual Show, experts from medical industry have come online to join the Expert Online – “Factory iVisit” & “You Ask, I Answer” Live Stream, a tailor-made technology exchange event for medical buyers. Participants had chance to see the pharmaceutical packaging production line for sheet medical packaging pouches and its live demonstration. Technical experts also joined the session to answer questions on specialty PA for medical equipment and capitalizing on new opportunities in injection molding for medical application.

Set sail to new adventures
“Thank you all the guest speakers, attendees, media partners, and everyone who have supported the show wholeheartedly and made CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022 a great success. Though we could only see each other on the screen, we felt your enthusiasm on our platform when exchanging latest technologies of plastics and rubber industries. We are humble to bring you our first virtual show in this digital era, aiming to help the upstream and downstream of plastics and rubber industries to explore new business opportunities without travelling around. The next CHINAPLAS will make a return in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Centre (SWECC), Shenzhen, on April 17-20, 2023. Thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to serving and meeting you all in 2023!” said Ms. Leung.

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