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Last modified: 19, Dec 2019
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Optical Brightener CBS-127 is a high purity Optical Brightener , especially suitable for PVC and polyethylene products. Blue fluorescence occurs in all polymers. When low concentration CBS-127 was used with anatase type (A) titanium dioxide, bright w..More
HYBLOW-Series In the new machine series, the entire hydraulic design has been improved and optimized. For high and quick clamping force build-up up to 400kN, fully closed-loop controls for closing, calibration, and carriage movements, as well as axia..More
BELIKE, with five production facilities, specialized in the R&D of plastic and coating additives; We produce a series of additives to PVC heat stabilizer, namely as: calcium/zinc acetylacetonate: uracil, hydrotalcite,zinc benzoate, additives to Lead ..More
Mold Application Products: Plastic Mold Components, Die Mold Components, Wear Plate/Insulator Plate, Cooling Parts, Pneumatic Parts, Hydraulic Cylinder, Limit Switch, NanoMoldCoating, NanoGrease, Rust Preventatives, Cleaners etc.
Serving Woven Sack, FIBC Industries world- wide since 1998.. 1) Loom Sensors for Weft End & Weft Break Detection: For all types& makes of Circular Looms. 2) Circular Loom Controller for many types of Looms 3)Electronic Winder Components: Winder Card,..More
We almost 30 years of experience in extrusion technologies, BG PLAST is specialized in developing and manufacturing of complete extrusion plants for flat films, solid thick sheets, PP hollow profile sheets, PC multi wall sheets, dimpled sheets, T-gri..More
BGH specialized in roundbars for various high end markets such as oil&gas, high-requirement engineering grade, duplex stainless steel, also provide high quality tool steel for high-precision toolmaking industry in direction 3C, medical care, high str..More
Bhler provides optical sorting solutions for plastic processing and recycling industries, who demand the highest standards of purity and quality. The SORTEX range of optical sorters focuses on precision sorting, maximising capacity, purity and yield,..More
The new Material range of machining centers, designed for the machining of thermoformed plastics, composites and aluminium, offers a vast selection of technologies for the processing of materials. Compact 5 axis processing center designed to work ele..More