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Last modified: 15, May 2019
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ELSTEIN was founded 1950 in Germany as the only specialist factory for ceramic infrared heaters, globally. We are the inventor of casted ceramic infrared heaters and develop and produce the same, based on our own patents as well as our own manufactur..More
See the latest in pretreatment technology solutions at the Enercon booth. Our corona treaters, plasma treaters, and flame surface treating equipment clean, etch & functionalize surfaces. These technologies improve adhesion of films and objects for a ..More
1.Servo parison controlBrand new 100 point electric servo parison control system,Response speed 1ms, repeated accuracy 0.005mm. 2.Servo driven by electric and power transfer by ballscrew,Cup pulling die head for more easier to control the accuracy an..More
JDM700-SFL Flat Bottom Pouch Making Machine , 1. SPECIAL MECHNICAL STRUCTURE,High pressure, Flat bottom pouch won't leakage when packed liquid. It widely applicable to packing Foodstuff, Beverage, Confectionary, Daily Chemistry products. Special for ..More
High speed high accuracy automated flame treatment system for fuel rich and fuel lean flame treatment of plastics to improve adhesion of coatings and achieve stronger bonding with adhesives.
To help rubber manufacturers reducing labor & time, we independently researched & developed new generation type of automatic rubber deflashing machine, vibrant separating machine, & CNC rubber strip cutting machine. To improve production efficiency, ..More
This machine is mainly used for cutting natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other plastic materials and other non-metal cutting, using touch screen digital, connected electronic scale to achieve cutting weight feedback and automatic correction, redu..More