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Last modified: 27, Feb 2019
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BAK Plastic welding machines and Hot air Tools for welding all kind of Thermoplastic materials. Hand held Extruders for welding PE, PP and PVC from 2mm - 40mm thickness. Hot air Blowers and Heaters for Packaging, Drying and Shrinking.
Lesite plastic extrusion welder series have ten types for different applications. Our machines are the first ones in China that have function of dual independent heating systems, digital display controller, 360-degree rotating welding head,motor cold..More
For decades now, Leister has been the worldwide market leader. The performance and reliability of our products makes Leister the first choice. Our tools are used in roofing, billboards, tarpaulins, civil engineering, tunneling, landfills, plastic fab..More
The Extrusion machine line equipped with high capacity and low energy consume single screw extruder. Low temperature and pressure extrusion mould. The vacuum tank Haul off unit, chipless cutting machine and other single machines is all suitable for h..More
TSD wrap-around heat shrink sleeve is designed for corrosion protection of girth weld joint of buried and exposed steel pipes, especially for 3-layer coated oil and gas pipeline. Construction: 3-layer system. First layer: Liquid epoxy primer, solvent..More
Plastic Pipe Butt Fusion Welding Machine is suitable for butt welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE,PP, and PVDF in construction site or workshop. It has recording and monitoring functions which is more strict to supervise operator operati..More