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Last modified: 7, May 2019
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ELSTEIN was founded 1950 in Germany as the only specialist factory for ceramic infrared heaters, globally. We are the inventor of casted ceramic infrared heaters and develop and produce the same, based on our own patents as well as our own manufactur..More
Provide turn-key solution / machines/ fixtures for the product makers of IP, DP, tailgates and bumps. Main product are: slush line; flaming machine;cutting machine;welding machine(IR welding & sonotronic welding); scoring machine; gluing machine; etc..More
The Branson GSX Series Ultrasonic Welding Platform is a highly configurable system, designed and customized to meet your specific plastic joining needs. The Branson GSX Platform helps to transform your ideas into realities, while still respecting you..More
CEMAS ELETTRA was born in Carmagnola (Turin, Italy) in 1982, and has been designing and developing thermoplastic welding machines and tools for 37 years. Nowadays, CEMAS Elettra is one of the European largest companies in his field, with six producti..More
Dukane is a global provider of plastic welders for the welding of thermoplastic materials. A standard line of heat staking thermal presses, ultrasonic, vibration, hot plate, hot gas, spin and laser welding systems are used to provide solutions that m..More
Quickly's infrared heating emitter can be customized according to the needs of customers. All the parameters (diameter, length, voltage, power, coating requirements, even shape) of the infrared heating tube can meet the customer's requirements 100%. ..More
Ultrasonic welding is a rapid and economic assembly technique, providing clean and solid welding. You have the different choices about ultrasonic welding machine between the MCS2 and the MCX. Both of these two machines could be adapted to your specif..More
Infrared Heating Systems for Thermoforming Industry Elstein emitters are able to be controlled in modular systems. This helps to control a heating panel as needed. For example, a heating panel with several heating zones. Due to this zone segmentation..More