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“OBHE” is abbreviation of Oerlikon Barmag Huitong (Yangzhou) Engineering Co., Ltd, it is a joint venture of Oerlikon Barmag and Yangzhou Huitong Chemical Engineering Technique Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “HTCE”), and ..More
100% biodegradable and compostable rawmaterial and bioplastic products manufacturer
Gemini Corporation N.V. is a 30 years old company dealing in different types of business pls visit: Head quarter in Belgium with world wide team of more than 200 professionals in 18 countries. We do around 25000MT of plastics every..More
This machine is widely used in automatically assembly of the plastic caps(two-piece cap) of soft drink and medicine,which not only saves a good deal of labor cost for enterprise but also meets the specifiations of food hygiene.The reducer adopts HAIT..More
The various kinds of masterbatches produced by Yanlicai Plastic Technology Co.Ltd are applied in packaging,construction,medical and rubber products industry.High gloss,good dispersion and have competitive pric.
Omould was founded in December 2008, has an area of over 5000 square meters. The total annual output value reaches more than 100 million. We specialize in the research , manufacture and sale of auto mould(car light, rearview mirror, car door and bump..More
Our star product: 18" (450mm) diameter hinged lid that can be locked using a pad lock. It features a 3" vent for better breathing of the tank and twist locking feature which makes it resistant to accidental dislodging under vibration. Ideal for trans..More
Qingdao Juxing Machinery Mould Co., Ltd. exhibits are hollow sheet mould. The overall shape of the mold, the movable lip and the movable mandrel are easy to clean. The upper and lower lip elastic fine-tuning design can meet the needs of different thi..More
RICO GROUP is a solution provider in the area of development, tool making, prototypes, zero series, automation and serial production for components/product lines made from LSR, HCR and multi-component-material combinations, for example hard-soft-conn..More
NAFUR® is a brand specializing in microbiological control ,we can provide research, development, production and application of this area regards of new material and technology. The NAFUR® series of products provide dedicated solutions to our customer..More
We are professional rubber & silicone products manufacturer, main products: compression mould/transfer mould/injection mould/rubber o-ring/rubber seal/rubber gasket/rubber grommet/rubber bellow/rubber hose/rubber ball/rubber extrusion parts/customize..More
Our products include rubber tubes, seals, o rings, gaskets, valves, diaphragms, bumpers, bellows, grommets, sleeves, resistant to oil, ozone, high and low temperature, and flame, to meet different environmental applications. Our range of services inc..More
Under the premise of the machine stability,we improved the cooling system and developed a new oil allocation system,which are the keys to improve the machine speed.In 2016 the company has development the second generation super speed cap compression ..More
High performance material Silane crosslinkable PE (Pex-b) has excellent temperature resistance,chemical resistance, weather resistance, mechanical properties and good processability, which can be applied in various areas: foam insulation, wood-plasti..More