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ZEOMIC, which its excellent antimicrobial effect and safety, supports safe and comfortable living in a wide-range of fields from everyday household products, to the medical sector. "For a Richer, More Comfortable Life". We'll continue propagating to ..More
Cathay Industries offers a range of high quality heat resistant pigments under the brand name CATHAYTHERMTM. They are ideally suitable for wide range of high temperature applications, including plastics, powder coatings, high-bake temperature industr..More
Cathay has successfully developed bio-based polyamide and completed commercialization in recent years. Cathay's bio-based PA 5X series (Mainly PA56, PA510, PA512,PA514, PA516) is produced from renewable starchy plants, and can be used in textile and ..More
Manufacturer of wax additives and micronized waxes for plastics processing. ceronas is producing a broad range of oxidized VISCOCER® waxes and provides a unique range of wax based processing, dispersing and compounding additives under the brand name ..More
At this stage, CGN Juner mainly concentrates on the research and development and production of automotive light weight materials and has developed new materials for weight loss services for automobiles. And to provide customers from the selection, pr..More
Polyimide is a polymer with the highest ranked thermal endurance class and excellent performance in commercialized polymers. Its overall attributes, including high strength, resistance to radiation, wear resistance, self- lubrication, resistance to o..More
Optical Brightener (Fluorescent Brightener)are chemical compounds that absorb light in the ultraviolet and violet region (usually 340-370 nm) of the electromagnetic spectrum, and re-emit light in the blue region (typically 420-470 nm) by fluorescence..More
ChangShu Hualin Plastic Co., Ltd. specialized in research and development, produces and sales of modified plastics. We are mainly engaged in modified PA66, PA6, PP, PC, ABSand other engineering plastics (glass fiber reinforced, reinforced flame retar..More
Gaia Material is specialized in manufacturing additive masterbatch, breathable film compound and thermalforming sheet compound and so on,which involves package field,vehicle field,neurology field etc. .Besides,Gaia has established Gaia R&D center to ..More
The application of prouct:blown flim,refrigerator sheet,other plates and sheets,injection products,ripe,medical product,PC sunshine sheet,light diffusion product,PMMA bathtub plate,Artificial,Flat Fiber,Yarn.
Changzhou Sanhe Plastic Rubber Company is a Sino-Japan Joint Venture which specialized in producing four ranges of foaming material of NBR/PVC, EPDM/CR, PE, EVA. The company is mainly set up by Sanwa Kako Co.,Ltd. and Changzhou Kaitong Plastic Rubber..More
We are a specialized corporation which researches and manufactures not only polyimide monomers like dianhydride, diamine, anhydride and amine end-capped reagent, but also high performance polymers such as aramid, PBO, and PBI monomers. Besides, we al..More
We area Taiwan joint venture company engaged in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates and Fine chemicals. We have successfully certificated to ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001: 2004 management system and QHSE system.After 10 years of development and ..More