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DIC is expanding worldwide as the leading company for PPS with innovative product development capabilities and the world's largest global production capacity. >Excellent Trustworthiness >Innovative Product Development Capabilities >Vertically Integra..More
DIMACOLOR is a professional pigment manufacturer in China.Our products are mainly used for plastic,rubber,nylon,fiber.Our strong products are high performance organic pigment red,yellow,orange,violet,pigment carbon black,solvent dyes and optical brig..More
Doil Ecotec Co., Ltd. has been into the business of environmentally friendly plastic compound for approx. 10 years. With its start in WPC Compound, Doil Ecotec now provide the Biodegradable Compound to the plastic product manufacturers. At this years..More
TPE thermoplastic elastomer not only has the properties of thermoplastic plastic,but also has the physical properties of vulcanized rubber.It is a combination of advantages of plastic and rubber.Environmental protection non-toxic.various hardness,exc..More
Chenzhou brand antimony is adopting Chenzhou brand antimony ingots as raw material, improving the traditional antimony white furnace production technique, the company produces Sb2O3 with such characteristices as high purity, high whiteness, narraw si..More
A). The Masterbatches made of Dongbang Chemical & DB CHEM have been consistently purchased by global plastic companies like LG Chem., TORAY, Samsung Electronics' digital appliances, Kolon Industries, Hyosung Group, German ROMIRA GmbH and Clariant Jap..More
Major products: The department is a core business department of JEA Plastic company, which founded in 1998. It mainly works on the R & D and sales for various thermoplastic elastomers. The products include: TPE, TPV, TPR, TESiV, TPO, TPU, and TPEE. P..More
From 1997 to the present, Specializing in the manufacture of black, white and color masterbatch.
EKG is a professional TPE,TPR,TPV,TPU,TPEE elastomer compounds manufacturer with over ten years industrial experience, the factory area over 8,000 square meters, own 10 TPE automatic production line , 2,000 tons monthly production capacity.
Dongguan Gaoyuan plastic Co., Ltd. has produced all types of filling masterbatches, Black masterbatch, White masterbatch, Superfine calcium carbonate filling masterbatch, Talcum masterbatch, masterbatch especially for laminating, Transparent filling ..More