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Booth No. 5.2T27
Corporate Headquarters
No.30 gongxin avenue, huangyan beicheng development zone, taizhou city, zhejiang province
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+86 13857619126
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General Manager

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learning and training activities to improve the cultural quality and labor skills of employees; Technological innovation activities for the purpose of developing employees' intelligence, cultivating their creativity and sense of achievement; Literary and artistic activities to cultivate and improve the artistic aesthetic level and artistic creation ability of employees; In order to enrich the enterprise staff's spiritual life, tao zhi staff sentiment of the entertainment activities, in order to cultivate the enterprise staff spirit of struggle, enhance physical sports activities; Welfare activities are carried out to enhance employees' feelings for the enterprise and deepen their attachment to the welfare environment and cultural atmosphere of the enterprise. In order to enable employees to establish a sense of ownership, strengthen and establish the common ideal and corporate consciousness of the ideological activities, and so on.