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18# KaiTuo Road, XinQian Street, Huangyan District, Taizhou City Zhejiang, China
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P R China
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plastic injection mold
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AERO MOULD CO., LTD is a reliable plastic injection mould manufacturer and customizer, and is situated in the hometown of moulds in China-Huangyan, providing a complete range of injection moulds to countless domestic and foreign clients.
Production Time: 35-40 Days
Up to now, we have been servicing customers from more than 20 countries thanks to the reliable quality and fast production speed. In general, we can finish the manufacture and provide plastic injection moulds to clients in 35-40 days. For simple-structure moulds, it takes only 20 days. Such a high efficiency is realized by our top-notch R&D team which always puts forward the most suitable scheme according to the customer's budget and manufacture demands. Now, we have 35 employees and we keep introducing talents in recent years, including experienced designers, engineers and other experts.
Design and Customization
Currently, we have four designers who all possess more than ten years experience in mould design and are prof

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