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Taiwan Region, China
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Top Handle Adjustable Dual Lips Air Ring CYG-7L
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Dual orifices adjustable air ring, CYG-7L has top handles for upper and lower exits adjustment. The operator is able to reach his set up easily. Moreover, the suitability of wide range of B.U.R. for smaller and larger blown film makes this air ring valuable to those who desire to use one air ring while for different sizes of blown film width.

1. Particular design of the exits adjusting handles at the top position.
2. For thin and thick film, LDPE / LLDPE / MDPE single or multi-layer blown film.
3. Wider B.U.R. range for smaller and larger film width.
4. For packaging film, lamination film, even surface for printing.
5. Low gauge variation, bubble stability, low frost line, high production.
6. Big air chamber of large volume cooling air to sustain initial molten bubble up quickly, particularly fit for LLDPE thick film.

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