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No.9, Shaobai Rd, Xintang Town, Zengcheng Dist, Guang zhou
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P R China
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SIX MAJOR BUSINESS AREAS (Polymers-TPU, Sheet & Film, Additives, Fibers, Wire & Cable, Compound)
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Color masterbatch are designed for high performamce engineering polymers-TPU. Individual colour matching as well as color effects are possible. Color masterbatch for the film industry are designed To satisfy your criteria and to match unique colors. FDA acceptable color masterbatch. Additives, UV Stablizers. Antistats, Lubricants and Antiblocking are offered to improve the properties performance, quality and costs. The products can be used with LSHF, High Speed HDMI Cable. XLDPE Cable and Medical Cable at an average let-down percentage of 1% to 4%. Dafaplas specializes in formulating and compounding high performance engineering thermoplastics resins for application involving TPU, TPE and TPV.

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