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9th Floor, Building B Future Plaza, No.88 Fenghuang Street, Fangzi District, Weifang, Shandong, China 261200
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P R China
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HO-FR-130 Flame Retardant used for EPS/XPS Replaced HBCD.
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Oceanchem Group Limited, As the leading supplier of brominated chemicals, based on the abundant resources of Chinese bromine, from natural underground halogen water, also developed Phosphorus based flame retardant and Inorganic based flame retardant etc.
We,offer the plastic industry the most effective flame retardant that help in enhancing consumer safety,while being committed to environmental concerns.

HO-FR-130, Flame Retardant used for EPS/XPS Replaced HBCD.
Cas No.: 97416-84-7
Equivalent: DKS SR-130
Capacity: 12000mt per year.
Same application with ICL FR122P; Chemtura Emerald 3000 etc Polymeric flame retardant products.
Good performance with lower price, can be recycled in a better way than Polymeric and gives better results in production.

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