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2F 875-23, Bangbae-4Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, South Korea 9, Gun-ja road, Eum-sung gun, Chung-buk province, South Korea
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South Korea
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Geo-Young Corporation
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Geo-Young Corporation has a variety of Plasticizer lineup like adipate, sebacate, benzoate, trimellitate and etc.
And, our products are special plasticizers that provides heat resistance or cold resistance.
It Is non-phthalate line eco-friendly product.
Therefore, it is possible to meet various customer needs and it can be an alternative measure to respond to environmental regulations.
Our representative products are stated as follows.
- Gyflex-95 : Adipate plasticizer. Available both cold and heat resistance. It is especially used in automobile hoses, PVC and rubber compound.
- Gyflex-30 : It is effectively compatible with PVB resin and plastisol.
- Gyflex-81 : It may be replaced for DOP as its similar performance and unit price.
- ES-DOS :Sebacate plasticizer. This has excellent cold resistance. It is especially used in wire and rubber compound.
- Benzoate plasticizer : DPGDB, DEGDB, mixture benzoate plasticizers which can be applied sealant and PU applications.

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