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Nanjing Dart Extrusion Machinery Co.,Ltd was one modernized emprise which was founded by top twin processing engineers. Main products: Single/Twin/Triple screw compounder, under water pelletizing system, horizontal mixer, sheet/film/plate extrusion s..More
Our main products are co-rotating twin screw extruder and underwater pelletizing system. We have more than 30 years experience for manufacturing twin screw extrusion machines. We are also the biggest and most professional underwater pelletizing syste..More
Description: By use of non-radioactive, non-contact measurement film, sheet thickness, suitable for PET, PS, BOPP, TPU film/sheet ... and so on, it can easily help for T-die lip adjustment and quality records. In the manufacturing process, the limite..More
About POLYSTAR Headquartered in Taiwan, POLYSTAR has focused on user-friendliness of its machines through continuous re-engineering, making recycling extremely Simple for its users Easy operation and maintenance is what makes POLYSTAR the No.1 sellin..More
The North Of JingEr Road North Street Offices JaoZhou QingDao Qingdao Orien Tech Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of plastic machinery and equipment of high-tech enterprises,Company has a number of patented prod..More
Production Line Features 1.Screw design with a special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity,good plastic,good mixing effect,high output 2.Optional full automatic adjustment T-die and with APC control automatic thickness gauge,online automat..More
Queen's 3 Layer Co-Extrusion Film Blowing Machine, with Oscillating Tower & E.P.C., Fully Auto. Double Winder, Tension Control, Corona Treater, and optional equipment: Queen's Auto Profile Control System including Queen's Auto Air Ring, Touch Screen ..More
LAMEX series of extrusion coating and lamination lines are designed for absolute ease of operation and are available in a host of configurations to suit individual customer's requirements for width range from 800 1600 mm, line speed from 250-400 m/mi..More
Established in 1892 RIECKERMANN as a group of companies is your competent, internationally acting industrial solution provider for selected markets and industries. We support investment in industrial production facilities by providing customized proc..More
RKC is a worldwide manufacturer of multi loop and single loop PID temperature controllers, process controllers, indicators, control systems and level meters as well as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, level sensors, pressure transducers and rec..More
The products made by this machine have high strength, high toughness, high output, moisture resistance, transparency and other properties, and the thickness is uniform. It can provide a variety of choices in the application of materials, fully reflec..More
A+B+A three layer co-extrusion film blowing machine has unique characteristics.Through multilayer co-extrusion improve physical strength of film, and use a host supply inside and outside layer material ,which can reduce the configuration of a host, a..More
ABA three layer film blowing machine can put CaCo3 in middle B layer to deduct the cost. Also can use the recycling material in middle B layer A layer use the new material, that make the film as new and stronger than normal film.
RUIAN MINGDE MACHINERY CO.,LTD ESTABLISHED 2010. main products: film blowing machine and recycling machine. especially the biodegradable film blowing machine are popular in the market now . we have got many patents, have right of imports and exports,..More
Rope making machine can twist different size of HDPE monofilament,PP split film,PP tape yarn,polyester yarn,nylon yarn,cotton yarn to 3 or 4 strands rope. Two in one structure which making strands and making rope at the same time by one machine,easy ..More