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3rd Floor, Tower C, Qifa Building, Shenggu Middle Rd, Chaoyang Distric 9 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower 2, #29-01, Singapore 038989
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P R China
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Leading provider of market intelligence and pricing solutions for rubber and plastics in China
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Information service
JLC information services, which are dedicated to becoming the price benchmark and opinion leader of Chinas commodity market, provide professional data, market intelligence and decision-making reference for industrial customers , financial agencies, commodity exchange, scientific institutes, government and media for management, investment and research reference.
Our information services, which include instant information, research report and industrial data, are closely around the trading, taking big data as the core and based on advanced big data analysis model.
Research and Consulting service
JLC research and consulting service provides integrated solutions for customers in the whole industrial chain. It includes market research and analysis, special reports, market trading solutions, technology assessment and enterprise credit assessment, etc. The customers include production, trading, processing, warehousing and logistics, industrial parks, research institutes.

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