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Our company produces preforms (for food purposes) of different sizes and colors using recycled PET pellets. Now we are buying PET flakes for the production of PET pellets. To recycle PET flakes into pellets, we use equipment from Starlinger (quality requirements to PET flakes in p.2.1 of the attachment). The management of the company has decided to start a new business project and install a line for recycling PET bottles into PET flakes (bottle-to-bottle technology).
We need to have at least 1000 tons of finished PET flakes per month (output of 2000 kg/h PET flakes at the line outlet).
We plan to buy PET bottles in Belarus and Russia. We do not have our own sorting line. Belarus has no deposit (collateral) system for packaging, so the raw material (bottles) will come from waste sorting plants and landfills (mainly category 2). The requirements that other recyclers of PET bottles have now are attached (see attachment).
The raw material we purchase will come in bales. Bale sizes:
Length: 70-120 cm;
Width: 80-140 cm;
Height: 70-120 cm;
Density: 150-350 kg/m³.
We plan to buy 3 types of raw materials:
1. clear-blue PET bottle (80%/20% ratio)
2. Brown-green PET bottle (70%/30% ratio)
3. White PET bottle
Material that we will purchase may include:
PET bottles of other colors - up to 7%.
PET oil bottles and PVC-labeled PET bottles - up to 2%.
Film materials, aluminum cans, metals, other plastics (not PET) - up to 5.5%.
We plan to get 3 different fractions at the outlet of the line:
1) We load a brown-green bottle mix, we get brown-green PET flakes at the output;
2) We load a clear-blue bottle mix, in the output we get clear-blue PET flakes;
3) We load white bottles, the output is white PET flakes.

Also, as an option for the future, we ask you to consider upgrading the line to be able to get only PET flakes of a certain color at the output. For example: we have a brown-green bottle and we only want to get brown PET flakes (the green PET flake or bottle should go into a buffer or big bag and will be recycled later), or the opposite, only green PET flake (the brown PET flake or bottle should go into a buffer or big bag and will be recycled later). For this option we also ask you to provide us with the cost and technical equipment of the line.
For wastewater discharges, we enclose the pre-received water quality values for our country (see attachment).
If these values will not be achieved by filtration and treatment system for water re-circulation line, a water treatment system will need to be installed. If your company have solutions for water treatment systems together with a PET bottle recycling line, we kindly ask you to send us a offer for a water treatment system for your line.
We are ready to consider this project as a turnkey project, as well as by the elements




所在国家/地区: 白俄罗斯


Requirements for raw materials at the end of the lineMass fraction of moisture: max 0,4-0,6%; PVC Requirements for raw materials at the end of the linecontent: max 50 ppm;content: max 50 ppm; glue content: max 4000 ppm (incl. flakes) labelstock content: max 20 ppm; polyolefin content: max 20 ppm; polyamide content: max 50 ppm; mass fraction of dust: max 0,1%; metal content: max 20 ppm; yellow flakes content (for white, colourless, blue and colorless blue): max 4000 ppm; other color flake content (for white, colourless, blue and colourless blue): max 4000 ppm; for other colours: max 4000 ppm; for white, colourless, blue and other color flake content (white, colorless blue and colorless blue): max 30 ppm; content of other impurities Content of other impurities (incl. caustic soda): max. 10 ppm; pH-value of the aqueous solution: 6,5-7,5 pH; flake size: max 8-10 mm; bulk density: min 350 g/l.


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