Zhengzhou Vowa Mechanical Co.,Ltd

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Zhengzhou Vowa Mechanical Co.,Ltd

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Company Info


ZhengZhou Vowa Mechanical co.,Ltd is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of melt gear pump,dynamic mixer,screen changer and its related products. lt is one of the earliest enterprises specializing in the production of melt gear pump in China.The company integrates scientific research and production, and is committed to the development and promotion of melt gear pump products. Based on the advanced technical experience of the same industry at home and abroad and the management concept of "making high-precision products and the most professional melt gear pump supplier", the company independently develops a variety of series of gear pump products. With the advantages of quality and service, the products are widely used in the polymer industry. At the same time, the companys products have been exported to many countries and continue to develop the international market.
The company provides a full range of melt gear pump products with full specifications for resin,chemical fiber, rubber and other polymer materials industries. At present, the company has a variety of series of melt gear pump products that can meet all polymer working conditions. Including a variety of heating methods: heat medium heating, electric heating, no heating. Various viscosity range: 0.1mPa.s to 40000000mPa.s, wide temperature range:-50 C to 350C, wide pressure range:-0.1MPa to 35MPa. At the same time, the company provides full specifications of melt gear pump: from 1cc/rto 100000cc/r.
The company has good application performance. In the PET and PA industries, it is a supporting supplier for many domestic scientific research institutions and engineering companies. In the fields of environmental protection and degradable materials such as Lyocell,PLA,PBAT,PGA,etc., the company has many supply performance. It provides high-quality melt gear pump products for many domestic devices. In the fields of PS,HIPS,ABS,etc, the company has many sets of long-term stable operation performance; In the rubber and plastic extrusion industry, the company also has good experience and performance, providing a full set of solutions for a variety of materials, such as melt gear pump,screen changer, control system,etc. In the fine chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries, the company provides users with high-precision, high-quality material transportation solutions to meet the high corrosion, high wear-resistant conditions.
The company can provide melt gear pump, dynamic mixer, screen changer, diverter valve, control system and other integrated solutions.
ZhengZhou Vowa Mechanical Co.,Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of creating customer value with professional spirit, aims at meeting customer needs, takes high-quality products and excellent services as the media,and relies on professional technology to create a brilliant career hand in hand with friends at home and abroad.

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees

under 100

Headquarter Location

P R China




No.1 factory, Soling Electric Industrial Park, Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Henan, China (Postal Code: 450016)


Trade Info

Main Markets

Asia, Europe

Export Percentage

Asia 81-90%, Europe 11-20%


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