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High speed plastic bag rotogravure printing machine

High speed plastic bag rotogravure printing machine

Product Details

The machine can print: clothes bag, express bag, industrial packing bags, compound bags and...Suitable for water-based ink and solvent ink.Speed: 150-300 m/min.1.Automaticall change the front and back side.2.Main engine traction and material receiving adopt: Yaskawa, Japan. Automatically. 3.Shaftless plate loading and rewinding and unwinding.4. Transmission: Electronic shaft.5.Unwinding and rewinding traction adopt: fully automatic tension controller and magnetic powder brake.6.The loading plate position can expand the material, so the lifting material can reach 300m/min.7.The printing and traction press roll is controlled by pneumatic components, which can adjust material thickness.8.Heavy duty tool rest pneumatic back pressure mobile scraper.9.Infrared sealed oven. 10.Unwinding adopts: ultrasonic correction left and right tracking system.11. Semi-automatic cross/computer full-automatic color registration control system.12.Equip with dual layer plastic film degassing function.

Company Details


Guanyang Road, East of Tianfu Road, Xinan Office, Airport Economic Zone, Jieyang, Guangdong Province




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