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Use carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen, etc. As foaming agents in harmony with the environment, and use their supercritical foaming extrusion properties to produce plastic foam products with uniform diameter bubbles. It is also possible to form fine bubbles with cell diameters up to microns.
The use of supercritical inert gas foaming technology has low production costs; the VOC content of the produced products can meet the most stringent environmental protection standards of passenger cars and other industries.
It is also suitable for supercritical fluid foaming of crystalline resins that have been difficult to foam at high rates in the past.
Unlike hydrocarbon-based physical fluid foaming agents. Which are explosive and flammable, it is not necessary to take explosion-proof protective measures for the device.
Compared with the physical blowing agent of hydrocarbon, the earths room temperature effect coefficient is small, which is a very mild technology for the environment.
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