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Brief Introduction:
Micro- capsule red phosphorus flame retardant is currently the highest effective and nonhalogen flame retardant, which is the most widely used flame retardant. This product (AT-700N) is made
through advanced multilayer coating process, a continuous and dense polymer film forms on the surface
of the red phosphorus. The film improves the compatibility with polymer materials, which makes red
phosphorus much safer and the coated red phosphorus does not produce toxic gases. By micro-gelating
capsulation treated, it has high fineness, narrow particle size distribution range and good dispersion. For
its high efficiency, free halogen, low smoke and low toxicity, it can be widely used in PP, PE, PA, PET,
EVA, PC, PBT, EEA and thermoplastic resin, such as epoxy, phenolic formale dlyde, silicone rubber,
unsaturated polyester resin and other rubber products: butadiene rubber, EPDM rubber, fiber and other
kinds of cable materials, engineering plastics for flame r

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