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CGN Juner completely biodegradable materials for injection molding

CGN Juner completely biodegradable materials for injection molding

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The goal of the development of injection grade biodegradable materials is to replace the application of injection grade non-degradable materials from petrochemical sources such as PP . Our company has developed several types of injection-grade biodegradable materials through the research on the comprehensive formulation of injection-grade biodegradable materials. Disposable cutlery, fork, spoon and tableware are made of heat-resistant plastic injection grade biodegradable material. The heat-resistant thin-wall plastic injection grade biodegradable material can be made into disposable meal boxes, disposable drink cups, etc. The heat-resistant, toughened, injection grade biodegradable material, the cutlery, fork and spoon can be made to resist bending. The filling injection grade complete biomaterials can be made into disposable tableware boxes with low temperature resistance, etc. We can also according to customer needs, special research and development of customers special materials.

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