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High jetness masterbatch for PC PA SAN PS PE PP PBT PET TPV TPU

Product Details

Joycolor New Material supply high end carbon black masterbatch which use 100% new plastic resins.
Black masterbatch variety has common and popular PE PP SAN PS (HIPS GPPS ) plastic resin carrier and engineer plastic resins of PC PA(Nylon) PBT PBT as well as the TPV TPU thermoplastic elastomer carrier.
The production process use fully automatic, fully imported automated production lines and artificial intelligence + industrial internet to implement the entire process of unmanned technology to realize intelligent manufacturing and promote leapfrogging Style development. At the same time, we also established our carbon black factory in Xingjiang province.
Above all to guard our masterbatch with high jetness high brightness, uniform dispersion, strong tinting strength for industry of compounding & molding in automotive parts e&e pipe film wire & cable fiber spinning.
We are strive to be the world intelligent manufacturer of black masterbatch!

Company Details


1605, Building 4,
Yunchuanggu Industrial Park,
Nantai, Guangming District, Shenzhen




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