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Product Details

Million Guard is an inorganic silver glass carrier antibacterial agent developed by Koa Glass Co., Ltd. of Japan. It has registered a trademark and applied for patents in Japan and China. It is to evenly distribute silver and zinc with antibacterial effect into the durable glass structure in a stable form, so as to form glass particles with antibacterial effect. It is added to various resins, coatings and adhesives to play an antibacterial role. And the products have passed the safety (skin sensitivity, acute toxicity, mutagenicity, one-time skin irritation) and antibacterial performance tests, and the test results are excellent and stable.
The most distinctive feature is that our antibacterial agent and antibacterial masterbatch are added to PS, AS and other transparent resins, which has no effect on the transparency of the resin.

Company Details


Building 6
1001 Shenglong Road
Jiuting TOWN (Postal Code: 201615)




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