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1. Polyethylene masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, PVC masterbatch, ABS/AS masterbatch, HIPS/PS masterbatch, PE cable sheath masterbatch, communication cable masterbatch, pearl color masterbatch, etc.
Pipe specific color masterbatch: PE/PP water supply pipe masterbatch, PE large diameter pipe/double wall corrugated pipe masterbatch, PP-R pipe specific color masterbatch, pipe identification line masterbatch and special materials, threading pipe masterbatch, jacket pipe color masterbatch, etc.
Film specific color masterbatch: instant noodles casting film masterbatch, sanitary products casting film masterbatch, milk film masterbatch, bagging film masterbatch, mulching film masterbatch and other packaging film masterbatches.
Inje molding special masterbatch
Sheet specific masterbatch
Non woven fabric special masterbatch
Special masterbatch for wire drawing, etc
2. Functional masterbatch: anti-static masterbatch, whitening and brightening masterbatch, brightening masterbatch

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