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Product Details

Founded in 2003, Shanghai Juyou Chemical Co., Ltd. is jointly controlled by China National Textile and Apparel Institute and Jiangsu Sumida Complete Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. It is a technology-oriented engineering company with scientific research capabilities. The company focuses on the engineering technology development and construction of polyester PET, PBT, PTT and PBAT high-end biodegradable packaging materials. Since 2008, relying on its own polyester continuous polymerization process and equipment, it has successfully created a complete set of one-step PBS/PBAT full continuous degradation resin technology, and realized the localization of PBS/PBAT project. It is the only complete set of engineering technology company in China that has the intellectual property rights of "equipment and process package for continuous preparation of biodegradable plastics". The continuous polymerization process developed by Joyou Chemical has low energy consumption and stable product quality.


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