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The product is widely used in processing of packing materials and thermo shrink film as external lubricant.It is used as processing auxiliaries for PVC shapes, pipes and plates to increase the surface smoothness of the processed products with an amount of 0.3 ~ 0.5%.It can increase the demoulding property effectively and reduce mould cleaning time significantly in processing plastic products.The product can be also used as new type lubricating agent with excellent performance for plastics of PVC and polyolefin,etc. It raises lubrication between plastics and metals, improves dispersion of coloring agents and provides products with nice transparency and brightness.It can be used as softening and anti puncturing agents for textiles.It is also widely used in car wax and leather auxiliaries.

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Part A, Building 8, Yucheng Mansion, Shanghai, China. (Room801, No.9, Lane 1283, North Shanxi Rd. Shanghai)
9-4 LIDE Industrial park, No.888 Pengqing road, Huaqiao, Kunshan.
Mohekou Industrial Park, Huaishang District, Bengbu, Anhui.




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