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Thick electroplating screw series as one of our star products, it adopts the special electroplating technology independently developed by our company, and has been upgraded on the basis of the anti-sticking material and corrosion resistance characteristics of ordinary chrome-plated screws.
On the premise of ensuring that the coating does not fall off, it breaks through the limit of 0.03mm ~ 0.05mm on one side of the conventional chromium coating thickness in industry. The thickness can reach 0.06mm ~ 0.08mm, so that our thick electroplating screw is more wear-resistant and durable than conventional electroplating screw, and has wider universality.In terms of hardware equipment, our company invested nearly 40 million yuan to build the first set of fully automatic screw electroplating production line in the industry, which has been officially put into operation in the first half of 2021. This further improves the quality stability and production efficiency of our electroplating products

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8 Dafeng Rd., Xihou Industry Zone,Jintang Town,Dinghai,Zhoushan,Zhejiang,China.
Room 101,Building 6,1811 Zhangyang Rd.,Pudong New Area,Shanghai,China.




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