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Product Details

PBM Plasticizable Biomass Material (PBM) is a polymer technology independently developed byMethyrr in the application of Biomass materials, which is currently the world's leading technology. Compared with the current straw feed, fertilizer, fuel, PBM can use all types of straw, in the straw powder to add the additives developed by Methyrrr company, through the extrusion process, make the straw into high value environmental protection building decoration materials. And widely used, and realize the most ideal level of circular economy: the original level of circulation.
PBM application area
1. Indoor flooring, wall panels, furniture, bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets for home decoration;
2. High requirements for container boards, lightweight electric vehicle boards, waterside boardwalk, outdoor floors;
3. Prefabricated houses (the original cycle meets the high requirements of Xiongan New Area), ammunition boxes, etc.
Advantages of PBM products
1. Provide new technical principle of e

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