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Through continuous exploration and practice, the Company has developed a parallel development pathEMAN Flexible Smart Factory Development Path, based on the development of intelligent manufacturing in the manufacturing industry. On the basis of the complexity of technology, the development path is divided into four stages: professional, process, standard and intelligent stages. Firstly, with the help of the digital tool/ systems, we can realize information sharing for enterprises who could grasp their situations at all times to make everything under control and realize professional position. Secondly, based on the digital factory, we can enhance both speed and efficiency of design, programming, technology, processing, warehousing, logistics and fabrication to finally realize local automation and processed management for enterprises. Thirdly, we can realize efficient and collaborative manufacturing within the factory and the suppliers using APS through lean production management system

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Building 1, China Optics Valley Cloud Computing Overseas High tech Enterprise Incubation Center, Optics Valley Avenue, Donghu High tech Development Zone, Wuhan City




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