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Product Details

PVC hollow roofing, door panel, and other special profile extrusion mould
Wood plastic production line, various types of granular materials, powder, various new plastic products, products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and other countries, all above product projects Are dedicated to the terminal customers, for customers to provide a complete set of key solutions for projects.
Hollow tile extrusion mould with specially designed co-extrusion runner technology. It can make the ASA surface (co-extrusion layer) with less material and uniform coverage.

1. Production: One layer
2. Output: 0~450kg/h.
3.Product width:880~1050mm.
4.Height:as the customers design
5.Thickness:as the design
6.Haul-off Speed0.3-5m/min

Product features
Thermal insulation and wind shock, fire insulation, light water proof, green environmental protection, easy installation, flexible for a variety of fields.

Product Application
The scope of application: Agricultural sheds, wor

Company Details


No. 1, Yanze Road, Phase II Industrial Park, Taoyan Town, Yuecheng District
Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China




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