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reSound™ OM bio-based thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs)

Product Details

Designed to support low carbon emission, environmental protection and achieve sustainability goals, the reSound OM bio-based TPEs utilize between 40%~50% bio-renewable content derived from sugarcane, and can reduce carbon footprint comparable to traditional petroleum-based TPEs. reSound OM TPEs are formulated for durability, delivering property retention and UV resistance comparable to traditional TPEs. The hardness levels are between 30A and 90A, and can be suited for overmolding onto PP or PC, ABS, which is the ideal solutions to help customer achieve sustainable goal.

Plus, with an opaque natural color, reSound OM materials are easily colorable with traditional TPE or sustainable colorant from Avient. The production wastes are recyclable, which facilitates the achievement of sustainable development by customers.

reSound OM TPE can be widely applied in consumer goods, automotive, industrial, appliance, consumer electronics, personal care products and cosmetics packaging.

Company Details

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