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MDH series of high and low temperature vortex magnetic pumps

Product Details

MDH series of magnetic drive high and low temperature vortex pump, the flow components are made of stainless steel, it has a certain gas-liquid mixing function. MDH series magnetic pump is designed with no shaft seal and worked by magnetic drive, which converts dynamic seal into static seal to realize the safety and stability of the pump under cryogenic and high temperature conditions.
Application Area: High temperature mold temperature controlling. High and low temperature test instrument,Semiconductor precision temperature control,Chemical equipment,Template temperature controlling , Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, High end printing and dyeing
equipment, TCU.
Circulation Medium: Water, ethylene glycol, alcohol, thermal oil, hydrocarbon solution,silicone oil, refrigerant gasoline, dyestuff, chemical solution and other liquids without particles and fibers.

Company Details


Plant No. 1, 151 Dongrong Road, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City


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