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High-precision multi-component weighing and dosing system

Product Details

Enmair launched a 12-component high-precision weighing and dosing system, which has industry-leading high-precision and high-speed mixing, multi-material, intelligent and other characteristics. It is equipped with a perfect combination of a full servo motor and a precision double-spiral screw, which is convenient for formula reorganization or clean up. With Enmair's new generation of ENM-Lnet advanced online ratio measurement and analysis software, the entire self-optimizing process control system ensures high-precision mixing output, which is completely unrestricted by formula, raw material or application environment. The maximum mixing capacity can reach 3000kg/h, and the accuracy error can be accurately controlled within ±0.1%. It is equipped with USB interface and Ethernet for remote data connection, which is convenient for online data management and realizes remote operation and real-time monitoring of on-site working status. It is widely used in high-speed, multi-material mixing

Company Details


Area B, NO.33, East Second street Of Baiyunqian Industrial Zone, Caibian Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China




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