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130Ton Full Electric Intelligent Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

The full electric intelligent injection molding machine uses AC servo motor and transmission parts such as gear, ball screw and toothed belt. All actions of the electric mold locking mechanism are driven by servo motor in the production process. It has fast action speed, high repetition accuracy, does not use hydraulic oil, and all process parameters will not be affected by the change of oil temperature. It has high stability in the production process.
The low noise characteristics of the electric mold locking mechanism can not only benefit the workers, but also reduce the construction cost in the sound insulation production workshop.
The application of servo motor improves the response ability of the system. The molding time is much shorter than that of the full hydraulic injection molding machine. Each actuator of the electric injection molding machine is driven by an independent servo motor, which can perform two actions at the same time.

Company Details


NO.91 Mingke Road
Jiangshan Yinzhou
Ningbo Zhejiang China




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