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It has advantage with reasonable structure, flexible durable, stable performance, healthy environmental protection, breathe freely ventilated, and product cost is relatively low.it has been widly used in the pillow, mattress, cushion, car back of a chair cushion, pet cage, and other fields.The high-elastic mesh plastic cushion is designed according to the ergonomic principle. The jointless winding method and the pull-net support can balance the support of the human body and fully conform to the human body curve. The cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and leg wrists are no longer suspended. The human body function helps to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible, improve sleep, and create a natural, comfortable and healthy sleep.1. It has good gas permeability and impact resistance.2. The most supportive strength and hardness of the human body.3. It has the functions of anti-mildew, anti-bacteria, anti-mite and easy to clean.4. The product is noise-free, durable and not easily deformed.

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