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1.00 Set(s)

main features:
Special mixing device, conducive to the main mater ials and accessor ies fu l ly mixed even ly ;
Accuracy alarm, accuracy error beyond the accuracy range immed iately alarm to avoid large quant it ies of color d ifference :
Easy to refuel ing, easy to clean;
Al l-Chinese interface, simple operation;
Combined with the l imitations of the chemical fiber industry equipment instal lation space, the design is compact, simple and convenient instal lation;
The hour ly flow rate and output can be monitored and counted ;
Stainless steel mater ial, extend the use of time;
The instal lation or maintenance process can be completed without requir ing special tools;
Can control multiple stations, with manual and automatic functions;
Anti- interference function, shockproof control design;
The equipment is easy to use, stable and rel iable, and the fai lure rate is very low;
After-sales remote assistance, program remote upgrade function;

Company Details


107 Shijia Lane, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
107 Shijia Lane, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District
Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China (Postal Code: 213111)




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