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High-loaded Cellulose Fibre Masterbatch-Symbio ED90

Product Details

Sappi Symbio ED90-PP is a cellulose fibre masterbatch containing 90% cellulosic fibres, suited for dilution into polymer matrices to a desired cellulose content by compounding. It consists of specifically selected and treated wood-based cellulose from responsibly managed forests. The masterbatch is designed and engineered for optimal dispersion in a polypropylene matrix, contributing to excellent final material properties. It provides formulators a high formulation freedom and flexibility to tailor compounds to the required properties by using this masterbatch solution.
Symbio is adding value to different applications, such as:
- Automotive parts: Light weighting (up to 15% reduction)
- High-end package (e.g. cosmetics): Warm touch and matting effect
- Electronic products and white appliance: Anti-scratch
- Toys, electronic products, & white appliance: ECO-Friendly
Symbio is a renewable alternative to reinforce (bio-) plastic materials, enhancing the positive aspects of plastic materia

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