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Mixing Systems for Plastics and Powder Coatings

Product Details

COMBIMIX-HC is the ideal solution for any technical mixing requirement in the field of PVC or WPC dry blend production. Container Mixer TRR is the ideal alternative to conventional mixers for masterbatch, pigments, technopolimers, powder coatings preparation, when production conditions require a high degree of versatility and a wide range of different recipes to be mixed with the same machine. The container mixer can be built as High Power for the application where high intensity mixing is required and there is a need of significant temperature increase of the mixture, in this case it can be an alternative to the turbomixer. Several improvements have been introduced in the last years to get better performance, and better ease to use. All the equipments can be designed and built to be compliant with the ATEX directives. Safety, efficiency and reliability are the aspects where Plas Mec is more focused today and for the future.

Company Details

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