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Product Details

White powder & granule form , nontoxic, not dissolved in water or ethanol but dissolved in hot organic solvents and acids.
Characterist Good dispersing properties
2) Good mold-releasing properties
3) Good thermal stability
General Information
Product Packaging: 25kg/bag 500kg/bag for jumbo bag.
Storage and Handling: Storage and transport under shady, cool and ventilated environment; Avoid acid, alkali and corrosive substances. Keep it away from the humidity, hotness, fire and corrosion.
Product Application
Used as halogen absorber agent for petrochemical industry.
Used as lubricant and mold-releasing agent for thermosetting plastic such as amino molding plastics and unsaturated polyester resin moulding compounds.
Used as stabilizer and lubricant agent in PVC products.
Used as dispersing agent and lubricant for color master batch products.
Used as adhesion preventives for rubber products.
Used as water-proof agent for textiles

Company Details


No.5. Qiaotai Street, Qiao Xin Xi Yi Road, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan, Guangdong,523525, China




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